The harsh reality engulfs us when we grow up. The truth unveils itself when we go out without any protection. Hence comes the rejection of the familiar. Growing up with familiar things eludes us for the long way. Whenever we go for the unknown, we face newer problems, newer solutions.

Self-knowledge means awareness of thyself. The Great Socrates once said, “Know thyself” meaning know yourself. Once one knows himself, he knows he must face the challenges in life. Thus, it is better to reject the familiar for the greater good. So, I strongly agree with the recommendation. I will  provide two reasoning for that.

The man is called a man when he can provide for his family. It is an old saying. But the truth remains. He should be aware of the deleterious effects on his life bursting upon him by the unfamiliar, even the familiar one. For the moment, a person with self-esteem may get tricked by his known faces. Nawab Siraj lost the battle because Mir Jafar betrayed him and joined with East-Indian Company. The general of his army, the most familiar one betrays him to the utmost level.

The main concept might be drawn from another perspective. One must know that one tends to help others without any reason is a scam. One must get something from him. The world is about “Give and Take”. When you feel that you are getting everything for free, then you must understand that you are being tricked somehow. A popular notion is, social media platforms give you everything for free, but they sell you, to be concise your information to the advertisers. And they pay for that, and you see Ads that relate to you. They study everything about one person, like it is nothing. So, the rejection must be done, if one does not see any values there. Otherwise, it would be a time waste.

When the sun rises to the east, we ask ourselves, “Is today a good day?”. A popular proverb is “Morning shows the day”. Though there remains a lot of controversies over this, it cannot be left to the dust. Familiar people or things would be a good thing, but who knows if they do not work best on a very needy day. So, better embrace the unfamiliar as early as possible, at least try to prepare for the worst.